Speakers - Smarter Payments Summit
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Smarter Payments Summit Smarter Payments Summit Smarter Payments Summit Smarter Payments Summit Smarter Payments Summit


Justin Basini, Co-Founder, ClearScore


Achieving high levels of growth over a long period is hard. Very few companies achieve this. Learn the secrets of how to innovate, motivate and drive momentum into your business.

  • What is the successful formula for sustained high growth?
  • Product innovation and quality to drive growth
  • Motivation, mission and momentum to drive growth
  • Discipline to drive growth
  • Enjoying the journey

Paul Rogers, Chairman of Vendorcom

“Ecommerce in Jeopardy: can you afford to lose 30% of your revenue?”

The European Regulatory Technical Standards for Strong Customer Authentication pose the biggest risk to online merchants since the inception of internet-based commerce. Immediate action is needed to avoid direct revenue losses.

  • Online, Mobile and Remote payments must be two-factor authenticated from 14th September 2019
  • Applies to all electronic transactions – not just cards! Additional impact on contactless transactions
  • Expect up to 30% of transactions to be declined causing direct revenue loss
  • Impact on customer experience will be negative – and significant
  • Banks and card issuers are preparing – but merchant engagement is poor to non-existent

Matthieu Barral, Senior Vice President Commercial – Europe, Checkout.com &
Zoe Newman, Head of International Expansion, Capital on Tap

“Running a successful payment strategy”

  • Payment 101 – intro
  • Acceptance and the benefit of being local + a processor
  • The urge of quick access to funds
  • Cover the latest scheme features that we’ve integrated for fintech (OCT & AFT)
  • Case Study + merchant
  • Q&A